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Business Management

Help you to manage your company and business more efficient.

Management Platform
You can manage your company and business remotely using our provided platform.
Cloud Computing Solution
Implementing cloud computing technology
Business Solution
Provide solutions to your business problems that you are facing right now

What We Want To Achieve

Along with the technology’s development, there have been many new companies and businesses, but there are still many who run and manage their companies and businesses manually. Therefore, we aim to be the leading company in providing good management tools as their solutions for their companies and businesses.

It is Our Mission to understand your needs!

To achieve our goals, we will always listen to our users’ experiences and difficulties, so that we can provide the best results and solutions for the users.

Create professional and highly creative result-oriented management platform


Simplify Management Process

Provide a user-friendly, innovative and powerful Manegement System

We're driven by our values

Culture is an incredibly important part of how we operate. we stand by four key pillars to success.


We do what is right. We are honest and ethical, worthy of others. It is the price to enter our team.


Creative thinking inspires innovation in everything we do.


We continually strive to provide a supportive and engaging environment for our team to achieve their full potential.


We believe in the power of working together in a collaboration way. Every function is as important as each other.

What we currently solve

We are committed to support our user’s to improve and grow their companies and businesses.

simplyVilla is an Indonesian technology company specializing in property management system. simplyVilla was founded on the principle of solving everyday challenges that property owners often face using technology.

simplyTrain is a platform to support company activities in conducting online training for its employees in a more efficient and flexible way.

This place is for you!

If you want to go on an adventure where you’ll bring change to companies and business management.
Full-Stack Developer
System Analyst
Project Manager

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PT. Kinerja Prima Nusantara is an Indonesian technology company that specialize in Property Management System (PMS) and Learning Management System (LMS).

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